Black Widow Forced To Leave Home Of 60 Years Due To Developers

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An Alabama woman will soon be forced to move out of her home of 60 years due to developers pushing her out, per WTVM.

For decades, 84-year-old widow Corinne Woodson has lived in a one-story home on a 40-acre estate in Auburn, Alabama, which has an estimated worth of $20 million and was purchased by her late husband's family in the early 1900s.

The value of the estate didn't go unnoticed to wealthy developers.

Over the past several years, Cleveland Brothers Incorporated has bought out multiple family member's interests in the property. The company now owns 49 percent and will be able to purchase the entire estate, forcing Woodson to move out of her home of 60 years.

The estate is under a court-ordered appraisal. Woodson reportedly missed the deadline for any owner to buy entire property because she believed she already had ownership, while the Cleveland Brothers made the deadline, setting them up push her out of the estate.

“I have even said, ‘Nobody can just put you off of your property,’ and my family members have said, ‘No, they’re not gonna do that.’ We were, I guess, naïve or not up to par on the law based on that timeframe, but it’s happening right before our eyes. The sad thing is there is very little we can do about it,” Woodson said.

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