Thousands Of Gamers Gather For Heartwarming Tributes To Lance Reddick

Photo: Getty Images, Bungie

Lance Reddick's sudden passing last week shocked the world, including the entire video gaming community. A spokesperson confirmed the actor died from "natural causes" at age 60 on Friday, March 17. While Reddick was known for his iconic acting roles in The Wire, Fringe, and John Wick, he had prolific voice acting roles in several video games, especially the Destiny franchise.

Destiny is an action-adventure video game developed by Bungie where the player becomes a Guardian, a person who acquires the power of the Light from a mysterious entity called the Traveler. Guardians defend the last vestiges of humanity from enemies seeking the Traveler's Light alongside Commander Zavala, portrayed by Reddick.

Zavala is one of the most enduring characters in the series, coming back in the ongoing, live-service sequel Destiny 2. Reddick's iconic voice for the character, impeccable performance, and love for both the game and the community made him a pillar of the fanbase.

Once news of Reddick's death broke, thousands of Destiny players flocked to the Tower, an in-game hub where you can find Commander Zavala, to honor the late actor.

"You will always be our Commander, Lance," DestinyBulletin, a Twitter account chronicling game updates, posted alongside other tributes to Reddick. It was a sentiment shared by hundreds of thousands of people, who shared their favorite moments of their beloved Commander and their real-life interactions with the John Wick star.

The Destiny community's heartfelt reaction to Reddick's death caught the attention of Stephanie Reddick, his wife. She thanked fans for their touching tributes in a statement posted on her husband's Twitter account.

"Thank you for all your overwhelming love, support, and beautiful stories shared on these platforms over the last day,” she wrote. “And to the thousands of Destiny players who played in a special tribute to Lance, thank you. Lance loved you as much as he loved the game.” 

In their own statement, Bungie called Reddick an "iconic presence on screen, in Destiny, and in person."

"His love for our community shined through in Commander Zavala, in his uncompromising dedication to his craft, and out of the radiating kindness that touched those around him," the developer wrote. "To say he will be missed is a profound understatement, yet no less true. Rest in peace, Lance.”

Reddick also gave his voice to other well-known video game roles, such as Martin Hatch in Quantum Break and Sylens in the Horizon series.

People have also been discussing how Bungie should handle Zavala's character in the wake of Reddick's death. Some have pushed back against recasting the character, while others suggested they retire the Vanguard Commander to preserve Reddick's legacy. The community will have to wait and see as everyone continues to process the actor's passing.

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